Polymer Clay has changed my life…..FOREVER!

It all started one bright sunny day with a YouTube video of a girl making a clay figurine. After watching that video, I felt an extreme urge to smush clay lol. The next day, I went to Hobby Lobby and got a few blocks. I felt like I just had to have them! I didn’t have any tools, paints or pastels at the time. So most of what I made at first looked umm how do you say… a mess lol. But, as I watched more video for different techniques, gathered supplies and read books, I became better and better. Still getting better to this day. Learning never stops.

Now I have a little bit more tools, paints, pastels and accessories to work with. Ok Ok I have a bunch more stuff. I don’t even have room for most of my supplies. They are spilling over now because I want to make so many projects. Everything I see I want to make out of clay Lol. In the process of getting better at clay, I learned I was an ok painter and wood worker. Sooooo, now that hobby has blossomed hehehe. Which means more supplies.

Well that’s how it all began folks now I plan on continuing to do it until I can’t see anymore and my hands are too arthritic to move.